• Iaconelli – Keeping it Fresh

    “When I developed my love of the sport it was at the grass roots level,” Iaconelli explained. “I’d fish anywhere and any way I could. On the bank with a backpack, out of canoe, kayak, or jon boat; any way I could get on the water intrigued me. It’s been great to reconnect to that style of fishing. It takes away the noise and the business side of this gig… It’s much needed sometimes.”
  • KVD’s Smallmouth Smorgasbord

    Few people on this planet know more about northern smallmouth bass than Kevin VanDam. The bronze aquatic torpedoes are just different. Their patterns, preferences, and nomadic nature require a special learning curve VanDam has been perfecting his entire career.
  • Wheeler's Wheelhouse

    It’s no surprise the Team Toyota pro is ranked as the number one bass fisherman in the world right now. The past 20 months of Jacob Wheeler’s fishing career have been nothing less than incredible.