Weed Snake Zip Tie Kit

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The Weed Snake Zip Tie is a must have for any grass fisherman.

For years anglers have had to deal with securing cables to their trolling motorshaft without a great solution. Conventional wire ties worked ok but have noticeable downfalls. Grass and weeds tend to catch on them and the raised edges can cause issues to any fishing line. Black electrical tape is another option that works a little better than wire ties but has some issues over time. The tape tends to leave a sticky residue, becomes brittle over time and just looks bad.

The Weed Snake Zip Tie addresses all of the issues mentioned above, and looks great too. Made in the USA, the Weed Snake Zip Tie is the lowest profile nylon tie on the market. This low profile zip tie will let grass and other debris slip by, allowing your trolling motor to run more efficiently.

Streamline your trolling motor with the Weed Snake Zip Tie and become more proficient on the water.

Available in an eight pack, which also includes one larger tie to secure a transducer.